This is yet another section that will expand over time, but it’s for those places, you know? Those places that you find in random and unexpected ways that are a great find. The trail you hike down that leads to an incredible glacial lake or the random bakery you stopped at that serves the most incredible cinnamon roll on the planet earth. You get the idea! Here are a few places to get this thing going.


The City Museum in St.Louis, Missouri

Wanna have the time of your life? This place is amazing. Here’s an article on this incredible and truly unique space.



Aladdin Falafel Corner in the University District, Seattle, Washington

Oh for the love. If you appreciate a good gyro and think you might be interested in having the best one of your life this is the place. I ask for mine medium spicy. I’m not sure what sort of voodoo magic they perform behind the counter but the end result is bliss in a pita.



Venecia Coffee Farm in Monizales, Colombia

While in Colombia we somehow managed to find this coffee farm where you can stay on site. We slept in the Farmhouse which is the cheaper accommodation but it was more than worth the affordable price. They served fantastic meals, provided as much freshly roasted coffee as you could consume, and they also offered an extensive tour of the farm while explaining the coffee harvesting process from start to finish. This place is a bit like heaven on earth. It’s a very beautiful property and the main house? Fantastic. If you want a small destination wedding in a unique place this might just be the spot.