A Christmas Miracle

The plan was to spend a couple of days in Chicago exploring which is technically what happened, but it’s the other things that also happened which make this story worth telling. Amazingly we somehow drove into Chicago hitting no traffic whatsoever, which gave us more time to grumble about the number of tolls you are forced to pay … Continue reading A Christmas Miracle

Here’s to You.

Here’s to You. Here’s to you Ambassador of greatness, keeper of calmness, architect of adventure. Here’s to you creator of candidness, governor of good times, builder of boldness. Here’s to you hugger of trees, friend of funniness, collector of laughs. Here’s to you. Here’s to you because of what you give to the world without … Continue reading Here’s to You.

Road Trip to Mesa Verde NP

The munchkin and I left Buffalo Creek, CO for our road trip with a special guest appearance by Ian for the 1st couple days, which meant that this was now a caravanning road trip, or gypsy train or something. Our first stop dictated by a need to whiz was FairPlay. It’s just a teeny town … Continue reading Road Trip to Mesa Verde NP

The Birth Story

Every labor and birth is different, just as every baby is different. I hear stories of some births and am completely mystified by how a woman could be standing in front me explaining her birth using phrases like "relatively easy." Excuse me? How does the earth not begin spinning backward when you put the words … Continue reading The Birth Story