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Hello, there. Thank you for considering this option. If I were you, and didn’t know much about me, I’d be curious about the reason behind accepting donations so I’d like to offer a bit of background.

For the majority of my adult life, I’ve dedicated myself to public service, which started almost immediately following high school when I served in Americorps on an emergency response team. My two-year term of service instilled in me that one person really can make a positive impact and I’ve held that belief ever since.

It’s because of this belief that I regularly take on large projects for the benefit of the greater good, and consistently offer mentorship within the wildland firefighting community and beyond. Similarly, most of my writing is rooted in the intention of providing a voice for circumstances that can be challenging for people to express; relatability in my writing is incredibly important to me.

All this to say, I end up volunteering my time regularly because the most important work doesn’t generally come with a paycheck, but I don’t let that stop me. And so, if you’d like to support my efforts of making positive change for the greater good, you can do so by making a donation below.

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Cheers- Brè

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