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Hello, there. Thank you for considering this option. If I were you and didn’t know much about me, I’d be curious about the reason behind accepting donations so I’d like to offer a bit of background.

For the majority of my adult life, I’ve dedicated myself to public service, which started almost immediately following high school when I served in Americorps on an emergency response team. My two-year term of service instilled in me that one person really can make a positive impact and I’ve held that belief ever since.

It’s because of this belief that I regularly take on large projects for the benefit of the greater good, consistently offer mentorship, and work as an advocate for change within the wildland firefighting community. Similarly, I don’t have a pay wall on my writing because I want to ensure everyone has equal access, no matter their financial situation. I also don’t host ads on my website because they’re distracting and obnoxious. But those two decisions mean that I don’t generate any income from my writing.

All this to say, I end up volunteering my time regularly because the most important work doesn’t generally come with a paycheck, but I don’t let that stop me. And so, if you’d like to support my efforts of making positive change for the greater good, you can do so by making a donation below.

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Cheers- Brè

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