Critical Incident Field Guide

A Comprehensive (and Compact) Resource Guide for Firefighters

This field guide was built by a firefighter to provide the firefighting community with quick and easy access to crucial information when they need it most.

Firefighters at every level in the chain of command will benefit from this comprehensive, and easy-to-navigate, resource guide because it offers firefighters clear information during a critical incident while helping explain what to expect.

The guide is similar in size to a taskbook, ensuring that it will easily fit into crewboss kits, buggy bins, and line gear. It’s small, yet packed full of relevant information that firefighters will find invaluable as a critical incident is unfolding. Beyond its usefulness during a critical incident, the guide can also be used as a training tool to better prepare firefighters before an incident ever occurs.

The Critical Incident Field Guide offers diversified content so that it can be utilized by all wildland firefighters, not just one specific entity or agency.

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What’s inside?

Contents include beneficial field level information such as:

  • Serious injury procedures
  • Fatality procedures
  • First steps following a line of duty death (LODD).
  • Over 50 quick access links/QR codes to critical incident forms, response guides, handbooks, references, etc.
  • Job descriptions of key players associated with a critical incident response. Who shows up, and what is their job?
  • Guidelines on how to inform fellow crewmembers about a loss of life.
  • Types of investigation teams- explained.
  • Comprehensive information about employee rights/warnings during federal level interviews and investigations.
  • Potential reactions associated with trauma& treatments/therapies.
  • Liability insurance information
  • Suicide awareness/prevention
  • Employer based/non-employer based benefits

All of this and much more.

The Story Behind the Critical Incident Field Guide

This guide was born from a course called, Critical Impact, which I had spent a year developing after having left my federal fire job. Something that I noticed each time I was involved in a critical incident was that while there are many checklists and procedures provided for people in higher-level positions, there seemed to be a lack of easily accessible information for folks directly involved in the incident at the ground level.

There are many benefits of attending the Critical Impact course but the more I put it on for firefighters, the more I felt concerned about making the content more easily available to all. That concern is what drove me to develop this field guide. Although it doesn’t contain all the course’s content, it includes the essentials for navigating through a critical incident, as well as offering a bounty of resources.

I believe the more informed folks are regarding what to expect during and following a critical incident, the better prepared they’ll be to navigate through it all.