(Listed sale price in bookstores for a copy of Hold and Improve- $24.99)

Hello, there! And thank you for stopping through. Below you’ll find a list of purchase options, but I wanted to provide some insight about the pricing before you get too far into this page.

When I independently published Hold and Improve- Volume Alpa I learned a great many things. One important bit I learned was that authors make very little profit when a copy of their book gets sold. With traditional publishers there is typically an advance to the author, which is a sum of money that acts as their paycheck, and then they make approximately $1.00-$2.00 per copy sold from a book that costs, say, $19.99.

However, when going the Indie publishing route there is no advance, so unless the book price is set on the higher end there is virtually no profit when you factor in all the fees that had to be paid up front to publish in the first place. So unless the book is a wild success, it’s not actually going to be a source of income.

But, (there’s always a but!) if an author purchases books in bulk and sells them on their own the profit switches from getting about 25% to getting about 75% of the book’s sale price. That is what is happening on this webpage. If you puchase a book from this site it benefits the author. This is especially helpful, since I donate a portion of all the proceeds from Hold and Improve to the Wildland Firefighter Foundation.

That’s the scoop, thanks for your time!

stuff to buy:

Author signed copy of Hold and Improve– Volume Alpha: $26

Author signed copy of Hold and Improve– Volume Bravo: $26 (Not yet available)

Hold and Improve Stickers: $4/each

Crew Library Bundle: 4 books for $65

“Tag ‘em” Pack of stickers: 20 stickers for $60

Wholesale Book Order (5 copies or more) $16/book

*All pricing includes shipping.

Ordering instructions

Eventually this page will be set-up for smoother transactions, but for now this is the process:

  1. Send an email to theevolvingnomad@gmail.com with the heading, “Order Request.”
  2. Provide the details of your order. Example: 1 Author signed book, and 2 stickers.
  3. I will reply via email to confirm your order before payment so that you know I have the items in stock.
  4. After email confirmation, send payment via Venmo to Bre Orcasitas
  5. Celebrate your awesomeness and look forward to a package coming your way!