Torres Del Paine National Park, Patagonia Chile

Please allow me to begin this “About Me” page by saying that there is nothing I loath more than to write about myself. I always read “About Me” pages and appreciate their existence it’s just that being on the other side of the experience is much less fun.

A good example of my disdain for writing about myself would be resumes; Hate em’. My perfectly written resume would go something like this: “Hi, my name is Bre. Please ask people I have worked for and with about my work ethic and attitude. That about wraps it up, thanks for your time.”

In general I write because it helps to keep my head from exploding.


But the two main reasons I have decided to create this blog are:

Reason #1

Through writing I can bring people with me on my journeys that they may not get (or want) an opportunity to experience first hand.


The lessons I have learned through my experiences could potentially help someone else have an easier time when they are in the same place in life. Or at the very least they can feel relieved they haven’t had some of my experiences and get a good laugh!

Other Random Thoughts:

I started this blog at a point when every single aspect of my life had evolved into something I wasn’t expecting. Not to say that’s bad, but the unexpected tends to jolt the system like a horse being startled by a shotgun blast. My jolt pushed me to create this blog among many other things.

I had made my career as a nomadic wildland firefighter, then I became a parent… now I’m both. These two truths have reshaped my life and how I live it but I am still me; the me who is constantly tripping over life lessons, whichever path I take.

The writing on this blog shows the trials and tribulations of life as I continue roaming the earth. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll wonder what I was thinking!

Bamboo Climbing in Colombia

Rather than rambling on “About Me” I will give you this list of words and phrases that relate to who I am, and what I’m about.

Domestic and International Travel

Wildland Firefighter


Tasty Food


Michigan/Missouri/Arizona/Oregon/Washington/Montana/Colorado/ Resident

Originally from Michigan- Mother Nature’s High-5!

Lake Michigan

The Greater Good

Getting Outside


The satisfaction that comes from physical labor

Hiking/Swimming/Yoga/Physical exertion-in-general

Balance and Wellness

Seeking Knowledge

Keeping old friends and finding new ones

Laughing with-and at-my husband

Having fun times with my munchkin baby-toddler-kiddo-child… stop growing! 


Hot Tea (English Style, I don’t need flowers floating in my tea)… I now drink tea with flowers in them! (Always evolving right?)

A good cappuccino

Garden Tomatoes

Helping, fixing, making things more efficient


Sending Postcards

Taking Photos

Books and Music

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Fresh from a dip in Lake Michigan

If you’re looking for work related background and experience, visit the ‘Let’s Work Together’ page.