Welcome to The Evolving Nomad and thanks for stopping through.

I am starting this site at a point when every single aspect of my life has recently evolved into something I wasn’t expecting. Not to say that’s bad, but unexpected tends to jolt the system like a horse being startled by a shotgun blast. My jolt pushed me to create this blog among many other things.

I have been living the life of a Wildland Firefighter for about 13 years until very recently. I am also the parent of a munchkin who is rounding the corner on 2 years old. These two truths have reshaped my life and how I live it but I am still me; the me who was born nomadic. The writing on this blog shows the trials and tribulations of staying me through big (and monumental) change. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll wonder what I was thinking!

I do hope you enjoy your stay and welcome you to be a return visitor.