This is the long drawn out explanation of why there is no space to leave comments on this blog.

1.) I made a choice somewhere around junior high era that I would not put any validity on other people’s opinions of me. All one can really do in life is try to be a thoughtful and helpful human throughout their day-to-day interactions and if someone doesn’t like me that is their choice, I don’t have control over that. Therefore, I’m removing the temptation of becoming dependent or concerned about comments/opinions regarding my writing by eliminating the comment area altogether. I’m simply experiencing life and sharing those experiences with you all.

2.) This is not a safe haven for trolls.  Putting my writing out into the world requires more courage than it took for me to jump out of an airplane. It’s an incredibly vulnerable thing to do and the act of trolling is vicious in its own right, but especially when someone is showing vulnerability; which is just about every writer being trolled. Super callous… find a new hobby. There is also the matter of individuals arguing with one another in the comments section and I’d rather not create space for that endeavor either.

If you dig what I write about or find it impactful, funny, ridiculous, etc. I would be honored to have you share it with others and give those people your thoughts on the writing piece. I appreciate you stopping through and hope you find something on this blog site that connects with you.