World’s End, Patagonia Part: 2

The morning following our 22-mile (35km) day of hiking we awoke to a gentle tapping on our tent, which meant rain. That sound immediately deflated my ambition and I think that Ian and I both strongly considered just having a down day. A day filled with lounging in the tent playing cards and reading books … Continue reading World’s End, Patagonia Part: 2

World’s End, Patagonia Part 1:

When it comes to getting married I’m the type of person who'd rather not spend a ton of money on a ring or the wedding itself for a few reasons, which I will list for you here: Although I appreciate the concept of jewelry, I myself don’t live a lifestyle that is conducive to wearing … Continue reading World’s End, Patagonia Part 1:

Traveler Truths

I was recently reminded of a travel story from when I was down in Patagonia several years ago. It’s one of those classic traveler memories that are funny after the fact but in the moment there was absolutely nothing funny about it. I’ve always acknowledged this reality about traveling in my own mind but it … Continue reading Traveler Truths