A Worthwhile Endeavor

Today I went for a hike with my 2-year old munchkin strapped to my back. I lumbered along steadily climbing up in elevation for 4 miles without resting until I reached our destination. Parents out there understand that when you're hiking with a munchkin it’s easier to keep moving than it is to stop and … Continue reading A Worthwhile Endeavor

World’s End, Patagonia Part: 2

The morning following our 22-mile (35km) day of hiking we awoke to a gentle tapping on our tent, which meant rain. That sound immediately deflated my ambition and I think that Ian and I both strongly considered just having a down day. A day filled with lounging in the tent playing cards and reading books … Continue reading World’s End, Patagonia Part: 2

World’s End, Patagonia Part 1:

When it comes to getting married I’m the type of person who'd rather not spend a ton of money on a ring or the wedding itself for a few reasons, which I will list for you here: Although I appreciate the concept of jewelry, I myself don’t live a lifestyle that is conducive to wearing … Continue reading World’s End, Patagonia Part 1:

Traveler Truths

I was recently reminded of a travel story from when I was down in Patagonia several years ago. It’s one of those classic traveler memories that are funny after the fact but in the moment there was absolutely nothing funny about it. I’ve always acknowledged this reality about traveling in my own mind but it … Continue reading Traveler Truths

Taking the long way to Rocky Mountain NP

  Since we were based out of Colorado for the summer my mom and her long time friend came to visit us from Michigan via train. They had big plans to squeeze as much in as they could while visiting so as soon as they arrived we got busy.   First we headed south from … Continue reading Taking the long way to Rocky Mountain NP

Road Trip to Mesa Verde NP

The munchkin and I left Buffalo Creek, CO for our road trip with a special guest appearance by Ian for the 1st couple days, which meant that this was now a caravanning road trip, or gypsy train or something. Our first stop dictated by a need to whiz was FairPlay. It’s just a teeny town … Continue reading Road Trip to Mesa Verde NP

Roadtrip to Yellowstone

  The time has come to relinquish ourselves to the open road. I have made lists and created piles of stuff in several corners of the house in preparation for this adventure to Yellowstone. At some point one must stop planning and start doing. The doing portion begins with packing the car.   Load-Up: I … Continue reading Roadtrip to Yellowstone

Colorado Culture Second Edition

  As my time spent living here draws to a close I feel it’s time to offer the second edition of what I have experienced as Colorado Culture. I have now seen more of Colorado than most states that I’ve lived in for several years and this is what I’ve witnessed. Let us begin in … Continue reading Colorado Culture Second Edition