There are a million movies out there and I love a great many of them but movies that I return to over and over again are fewer in number. Here’s a handful that fit that category.



Not the most popular of movies and I will readily admit that the acting isn’t winning any Academy Awards but for anyone who has ever experienced family interactions at a funeral, bad timing in life, jet lag, strange people, or long road trips there is bound to be something in this movie that you click with or find funny.

I am drawn to two things:

It’s a dark comedy
It conveys the beauty of road tripping solo
Did I miss 60B? Did I miss 60B!


The Family Stone

I love this movie. I watch it every year around the holidays if not a couple more times within the year for good measure. The casting for this film is perfection and every single character has depth and believability. It’s funny and at the same time incredibly sad.



PROPHETIC. This movie is unbelievably smart while also being amazingly dumb, but that’s the point. This movie shows what happens when stupid takes over the world. I first watched it years ago and have noticed shifts in our society along the way that are slanting in this direction. The direction of Idiocracy. It was funnier when it wasn’t as close to our societal reality but it’s still pretty funny. Get your law degree at Costco! If you offend easily this may not be the best choice for you because stupidity is offensive.


180 Degrees South

If you are interested in some cinematic eye candy this is a film for you. It is part documentary, part directionless vagabond at its best. A journey to Patagonia by way of surfing, mountaineering, sailing, and climbing with cinematography that makes you feel as if you’re part of the journey.