This is a space for recipes of all sorts. Food, cleaners, soaps, what-have-you. Since I am building this site while doing about 40 other things I will add content as I can, where and when I can. For now here’s 1 super easy recipe to ponder on.


Sustenance Life Saver

Sounds intriguing doesn’t it? What does that even mean? Well,¬†inevitably there are moments in life where you’d push down a 90 year old woman to get to some food. You’re Hangry! Hungry/Angry, get it? This is especially true of women creating a human or trying to produce milk for same said human.

Have you awoken in the middle of the night from hunger with no desire to make anything complex? If so, is the recipe for you! Obviously you can eat it anytime but it’s the most handy when you have no desire to get complicated.


Plain Greek Yogurt- Whole Fat. Fat is good for you! Protein is also good for you too. This first component of the recipe is a great step in the right direction.

Peanut Butter- More goodness packed into a simple ingredient.

Honey- Let’s sweeten this deal with another beneficial ingredient. Your body is going to be so happy when you get to eat this!


Take these 3 ingredients and mix them together to taste.

I don’t recommend drowning it in honey, but add the 3 components to a desired consistency and taste for your individual liking.

Mix an amount that will last you several days.


That’s it!


Now you’ve got this bowl of wizardry in your refrigerator. The next time you wake up Hangry you can grab a spoon, open your fridge and take a few spoonfuls. All that’s left to do is toss the spoon in the sink and saunter back to bed.