Can you believe I consider this list to be the necessities when road tripping/camping with a baby? This packing list is about 1 step away from rolling out in a scroll-like fashion. This is life with a kiddo!


Camping Gear

1-Tent (Alps Mountaineering 2 person-Lynx)
1 Space Blanket for the under side of the tent
1 Green Kazoo Sleeping bag
1 Homemade Kiddo Sleeping bag
1 Sleeping bag liner
2 Pillows
1 Fleece Sleeping Bag
1 Full Length Thermarest
1 ¾ Length Thermarest
1 Jetboil
1 MSR Superfly stove
1 Camping Pot/Pan + Mini Spatula
2 Lighters + 1 Book of Matches
2 Fuel Canisters
6 Random sized plastic bags
1 Campsuds Soap
1 Scrubby Pad
1 Small Washtub
1 Knife
1 Titanium Spork/1 Kiddo Spork
1 Can Opener
1 Camp cup
2 Origami Bowl/Plates
2 Water Bladders
1 Hydroflask Water bottle
1 Kiddo Water bottle
2 Headlamps
2 Carabineers
X-Mini Spices Salt/Pepper/Chili Powder/Cumin/Garlic Salt + Olive Oil


Other Gear

1-Real Camera
1-Yoga Mat (For a seat at camp, or some actual yoga!)
1-Marmot Puffy Coat
1-Kiddo Patagonia Puffy Coat
1-Adult + 1-Kiddo Beanie Hat + Mittens
1-Bear Spray
1-First Aid Kit
1-Bag O’ Medication (Vitamin Deficiencies and Ailments don’t go on vacation)
3-Freeze blobs for the cooler (What are those called?)


Baby Gear

2-Canisters of Powdered Goat’s Milk (Due to Cow milk allergy)
3-Shelf Stable cartons of Almond Milk (To mix ½ & ½ with goat’s milk)
X-Diapers (Always a guess-timation)
X-Homemade Baby Wipes (Ditto)
1-Kleen Kanteen Sippy bottle for milk
1-Hydroflask Container to keep mixed milk cool (All day! Amazing)
1-Dipaer bag Backpack (I use a Patagonia black hole. Works great)
1-Homemade Waterproof Foam Changing Pad (Rolls up easy into diaper bag)
1-Sun hat
1-Jogging Stroller (Big and cumbersome as it may be)
1-Woven Wrap (Because you never leave home without it)
1-Kiddo Backpack (So she can feel cool walking around the campsite)
1-Deuter Kid Carrier 2 Hiking Backpack
2-Sets of Warm Fleecy Pajamas
1-Set of Regular Pajamas
X-Short Sleeve/Tank Tops/Long Sleeves
X-Shoes/Flip Flops/Water shoes/Sandals/Socks
1-Bedtime Story Book
1-Stuffed Animal Friend for Bedtime
1-Kiddo Toothbrush/Paste
1-Sketch Notepad & Crayons (For potential coffee shop/restaurant stops)
1-Homemade Outdoor/Portable Kiddo Toilet + Digging Trowel


My Personal Gear

X-Tank Tops/T-Shirts/Wool Long Sleeves/Sweaters
2-Sets of PT Clothes (Exercise Clothes)
1-Pair of Trail Running Shoes + Socks
2-Pairs of Flip Flops
1-Toiletry Bag
1-Set of Cool to Warm Pajamas
1-Vague idea of where I’m going + A Map



1-Small Container of Milk Pre-steamed Yam cubes (For Kiddo)
1-Small Container of Juice Homemade Granola Bars
1-Block of Cheddar Cheese Crackers
1-Package of Pre-Sliced Havarti Graham Crackers
1-Hard Salami Squeeze Package Applesauce’s
1-Loaf of Bread Individual Raisin Packets
2-Cans of Kidney Beans Peanut Butter
2-Cans of Black Beans Jam
1-Package of Tortillas Honey
1-Package of Elbow Pasta Bananas
1-Marinara Sauce Cinnamon
1-Plain Greek Yogurt Tangerines
1-Box of Wheetabix Cereal Kiwi Fruit
1-Package of Instant Potatoes Pirates Booty Cheese Puffs
1-Container of Cherry Tomatoes Toddler Teething Biscuits
1-Container of Tomato Soup Chocolate Covered Almonds



Cereal with Jam
Kiwi Fruit



PB/Banana/Honey Sandwich
PB/Jam Sandwich
Salami/Cheese/Tomato/Greek Yogurt Sandwich
Salami/Cheese on Crackers
Pirates Booty
Graham Crackers



Pasta with cubed Salami and Kidney Beans + Garlic Bread
Black Bean Burritos with cubed Cheese and Greek Yogurt
Tomato Soup and Grilled Cheese
Black Bean/Yam/Cheese Quesadillas