Living and Nothing Else

As I pulled up to the beach and looked out at the water I was overcome by the feeling of disappointment. I had a plan. I was going to swim for exercise in the calm morning waters but apparently, Mother Nature didn’t get the memo. The wind was whipping and the waves were crashing one … Continue reading Living and Nothing Else

Some days–Those days–Other days

  You know how some days________ ________?   Some days I feel so motivated that nothing could stop me; I’m firing on all cylinders and anything in my path best step out the way or I’m hoppin’ right over that bad Larry. Other days I am completely void of energy and monumental achievements include activities such as … Continue reading Some days–Those days–Other days

A Worthwhile Endeavor

Today I went for a hike with my 2-year old munchkin strapped to my back. I lumbered along steadily climbing up in elevation for 4 miles without resting until I reached our destination. Parents out there understand that when you're hiking with a munchkin it’s easier to keep moving than it is to stop and … Continue reading A Worthwhile Endeavor

Be. Here. Now.

Look up from your smartphone, engage in humanity, turn off the television, make eye contact, participate in your life, watch a river; stand for something. Climb a tree, make a difference, take a vacation from the internet, write a card and mail it to a friend, commit to a cause, grow a garden, listen to the stories of … Continue reading Be. Here. Now.

The Irreplaceable

There are those people, those places, those moments in time. Those people who bring an irretractable smile to your face when they so much as cross your mind. Those places that feel as if they are actually somehow embedded into your soul. Those moments in time that are unexpectedly impactful, forever leaving remnants of it … Continue reading The Irreplaceable