You know how some days________ ________?


Some days I feel so motivated that nothing could stop me; I’m firing on all cylinders and anything in my path best step out the way or I’m hoppin’ right over that bad Larry. Other days I am completely void of energy and monumental achievements include activities such as brushing my teeth or extracting my exhausted carcass out of my pajamas.


Some days when I exercise I can actually feel the fog dissipate from within my brain leaving me with crisp clarity.


Some days I do or say the dumbest of things. Need an example? Happy to oblige

Me: What’s in that dark almond bark? Is that peanut?

Clerk: (With a confused look replies) Umm, no, it’s almond.

Me: Did I just read that tag out loud to you and seriously ask if it was peanut?

Clerk: (With a rather relieved smile on her face) Yes… yes, you did.

Me: Sweet.


Some days I do cartwheels down hallways if it’s a long bland hallway with no windows and no people; why not liven things up a bit?


Some days I accidentally hit myself in the head with the sun visor in my car and cuss up a storm. Those days I want to fight inanimate objects.


Some days I feel strong and no goal seems out of reach.


Some days I travel to an entirely different state to instruct a course and realize upon arrival that I have left all my instructing clothes hanging in my closet at home, leaving me darting to the Goodwill store 20 minutes before closing in search of emergency replacements. Those days leave me feeling concerned about my mental faculties.


Some days old random memories make me laugh out loud.


Some days I’m incredibly health conscious. Other days I happily eat Mac-n-Cheese from a box followed by ice cream for dessert.


Some days I end up being the first on scene to a car accident and manage to extract the basics of being a first responder from the recesses of my mind in order to take action. Those days I remember that I am capable. Other days I can’t remember a person’s name 30 seconds after they’ve introduced themselves to me.


Some days I remember to tell the people I care about, that I care about them.


Some days the earth plays a practical joke and lets out a torrential downpour as I am trying to ride home on my bike leaving me sopping wet but laughing the whole way because what other reaction could you possibly have?


Some days I get so fired up that I want to fight for every cause and take on the world.


Some days I’m minding my own business walking through a metro tunnel in Paris when the music of a 10-person orchestra bounces off the tile walls and penetrates my cold dead soul (Kidding! It’s not cold and dead, but I’m not a weepy mess either) generating leaky eye syndrome right there on the platform. Those days I fight off feelings of embarrassment and force myself to accept that I’m a multi-dimensional human.

Paris, France



Some days I splash in puddles with, or without my toddler because I like puddles and they are there to be splashed in.


Some days there is nothing more important than getting outside to get some fresh air into my lungs.


Some days my entire life changes forever within a single second. Those days leave a before and after mark in time.


Some days I witness firsthand that one person truly can make a difference. Those days inspire me.


Some days I climb a tree because I have a few minutes to spare and the limbs are extending an invitation.


Some days when on solitary road trips millions of thoughts roll through my mind. Those days leave me wondering about all that is possible.




Some days I don’t want to waste a single second.


Some days I could not possibly appreciate a well-made Cappuccino anymore if I tried.


Some days nature shows me just how small and inconsequential I really am. Those days fill me with a distinct awareness that I am merely a guest living on earth.

enhance 2
Hurricane Katrina



Some days I push past my threshold just because I am curious what is on the other side.



Some days I miss the people I’ve lost in my life and it leaves a heavy weight in my chest. Those days I go for a hard run/hike with “Bro Hymn Tribute” by Pennywise resonating in my ears on repeat.


Some days I learn something new and revolutionary. Those days leave me wondering how I got through life without having that piece of information.


Some days my body feels like an old busted up wagon from the 1800’s.


Some days I know I’m right and am ready to go the mattresses about it. Other days I second-guess myself about every decision or comment that I make.


Some days I can lose all time and space staring at a mesmerizing photograph or painting.

Bryce Canyon NP



Some days I want to be in a place completely unknown to me. Other days I crave the familiar and comfortable.


Some days I completely forget to bring my daughter to gymnastics class. Those days leave me battling my inner critic.


Some days humanity shows up for the greater good and I feel hopeful. Other days it seems like I’m going it alone.


Some days I spill on my shirt.


Some days I recognize the perfection of the moment I’m in and realize it will never be repeated. Other days feel like a comedy of errors with no end in sight.


Some days I volunteer for everything.


Some days I don’t want to talk to a single person. Other days I immerse myself in social interactions.


Some days I am a vessel for creativity. Other days a blank page might as well be El Capitan.


Some days I wonder what the hell is wrong with me. Other days I feel like I’ve got my shit together.


Some days-Those Days-Other days

These are what make up the essence of who we are and who we will evolve into.

They are waves carving out patterns on a rock bluff along the sea.