Look up from your smartphone, engage in humanity, turn off the television, make eye contact, participate in your life, watch a river; stand for something.


Climb a tree, make a difference, take a vacation from the internet, write a card and mail it to a friend, commit to a cause, grow a garden, listen to the stories of your elders, take matters into your own hands; have the kind of uninhibited fun that you left behind in your youth.


Go all out because tomorrow may never come, read a book, don’t take no for an answer, pick up an instrument and find your rhythm; fight for what you believe is right.


Get in the car and drive until you reach a place you’ve never been, forge your own path, fail and try it again, stop and acknowledge the beauty surrounding you, be terrified and do it anyway, read between the lines, empower those you care about; volunteer.

Figure out what you need to live a balanced life and safeguard those rituals whatever they may be, leave room for growth; swim upstream.

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If you’re able bodied don’t take that for granted, learn what deep breaths can do for your peace of mind, turn anger into action, take suffering and transform it into deeper empathy for others, set your ego adrift, stop making excuses and start making change; take out your ear-buds.

Park yourself on a beach for sunset, help a stranger, turn off your phone for a few hours, sit quiet awhile, find your thresholds then break past them and above all;


Listen closely for your inner voice because it is fortified by every cell and sensation in your body, it knows the answer and all it requires of you is trust.