The Panic Button

Well, here we are again. I recognize that tree…   You may be asking yourselves, where are we exactly?  Allow me to explain.   In October of 2021 I published a piece called Wildland Fire’s Great Exodus, which if you missed it, you're welcome to read by clicking here.  The quick synopsis however, is this; federally employed wildland firefighters (WFFs) … Continue reading The Panic Button

A Hike in Someone Else’s Boots

DISCLAIMER: There is a healthy amount of cussing strewn throughout this post, consider yourselves warned.  The Technology Wizard Takes a Detail The fire season was here once again and I had taken a temporary detail away from my job on the Helicopter Rappel Crew to work at the Missoula Technology and Development Center (MTDC) as … Continue reading A Hike in Someone Else’s Boots

10 Ways Firefighting Prepped me for Parenthood

On a regular basis I find myself noticing similarities between fighting fire and being a parent. These are the top 10 that spring to mind.   1. Being a Rookie As a rookie in fire you have no idea what the hell is going on. You think you have prepared yourself in all the right … Continue reading 10 Ways Firefighting Prepped me for Parenthood