Donkey Run

There are those days, those days when simply being alive is exhausting. Where you find yourself having a serious internal debate about expending the energy to brush your teeth, let alone doing anything physically active. Yes, it’s one of those days where a movie marathon on the couch seems like the best idea of your … Continue reading Donkey Run

Like a Phoenix

Dear Evolving Nomad Readers, Recently I was asked to be a guest author for the Wildland Fire Lessons Learned Center's Two More Chains article, Fall Issue. For those who are not Wildland Firefighters, the Two More Chains articles issued by the LLC offer a strong voice for the fire community. They consistently touch on subject matter … Continue reading Like a Phoenix

Tornado Alley

The permanence is absolute and swift. There’s a snap of the fingers and everything is forever changed and yet nothing seems to be different at all. Am I going crazy? You look around and everything is familiar and normal except, someone is missing. It’s disorienting when people in your life disappear without warning. It’s as … Continue reading Tornado Alley

A Hike in Someone Else’s Boots

DISCLAIMER: There is a healthy amount of cussing strewn throughout this post, consider yourselves warned.  The Technology Wizard Takes a Detail The fire season was here once again and I had taken a temporary detail away from my job on the Helicopter Rappel Crew to work at the Missoula Technology and Development Center (MTDC) as … Continue reading A Hike in Someone Else’s Boots