Hold and Improve is a tribute to the storytelling culture of wildland firefighting. It is a collection of true short stories, artwork, and poetry, as told by wildland firefighters from all facets of the fire world, with varying years of experience, and from all across the nation. The book is small, packable, and ready to be shoved into your line gear for those moments when you hear that familiar message, “HOLD AND IMPROVE” passed down the line. It is also meant to be passed between crewmembers and beyond. Hold and Improve comes in volumes, with each volume offering new and relatable stories with different focal points of the fire world and the culture within it. It’s meant to represent the collective “us”… the fire family.

For the non-firefighting audience, Hold and Improve offers an all access pass into the “fire world,” and even provides a secret decoder of sorts, in the form of a robust fire lingo glossary located in the back of each volume.