In this world, far more things are possible than not.

Altruism resides in everyone, whether or not they act on it.

I could step out the front door and have the best day of my life.

The most valuable commodity is time, where and how you invest matters.

The most fun I’ve had in this life was sporadic and unexpected, every time.

Authentic moments don’t happen when you’re concerned about how you look, but rather when you completely forget about everything around you.

Trusting your inner compass will lead you to where you need to be, whether or not you thought it was where you meant to go.

Asking Why not? Rather than Why? is the practice of living without limits.

There are 1 million things to be grateful for even on your worst day.

Knockdown; drag out, sorrowful sadness is part of the human experience.

Anything worth having is worth giving away.

The most important people in your life will show up for you without being asked.

Laughter will be the thing that saves us all.

Falling down gives you the opportunity to get back up.

Uncertainty; it’s what’s for breakfast.

If you do it, it will never be undone.

Kindness begets Kindness.

Screens are exactly that. A barrier placed between yourself and the people in your life.

Engaging in the natural elements surrounding you is true connection; opposite of being artificially, “connected.”

Spending time in the fresh air is like dessert for every cell in your body.


Fear is a cage. Courage is a key.

There is no substitute for experiencing a place with all your senses, no matter how vivid the travel channel seems to be.

Your greatest contribution may never be known to you, yet obvious to those surrounding you.

Consistently striving to be a better person is a perpetual gift to the people in your life.

Everyone can afford a moment of empathy.

The time is now, you are here, the world is waiting.