Here’s to You.

Here’s to You. Here’s to you Ambassador of greatness, keeper of calmness, architect of adventure. Here’s to you creator of candidness, governor of good times, builder of boldness. Here’s to you hugger of trees, friend of funniness, collector of laughs. Here’s to you. Here’s to you because of what you give to the world without … Continue reading Here’s to You.

10 Ways Firefighting Prepped me for Parenthood

On a regular basis I find myself noticing similarities between fighting fire and being a parent. These are the top 10 that spring to mind.   1. Being a Rookie As a rookie in fire you have no idea what the hell is going on. You think you have prepared yourself in all the right … Continue reading 10 Ways Firefighting Prepped me for Parenthood

Unconditional Love Anyone?

We’ve all heard this term get tousled around our entire lives. “I love you unconditionally”. I dare say that statement cannot be truthfully uttered unless that person is a parent. Not that the person is lying if they aren’t a parent, it’s just that there is no possible way to grasp this concept without raising … Continue reading Unconditional Love Anyone?