A Christmas Miracle

The plan was to spend a couple of days in Chicago exploring which is technically what happened, but it’s the other things that also happened which make this story worth telling. Amazingly we somehow drove into Chicago hitting no traffic whatsoever, which gave us more time to grumble about the number of tolls you are forced to pay … Continue reading A Christmas Miracle

Living and Nothing Else

As I pulled up to the beach and looked out at the water I was overcome by the feeling of disappointment. I had a plan. I was going to swim for exercise in the calm morning waters but apparently, Mother Nature didn’t get the memo. The wind was whipping and the waves were crashing one … Continue reading Living and Nothing Else

Goodbye Little House

Hello, little house you are a good one indeed. A nice craftsman home, it's all that we'll need. The rooms aren’t huge, the bathroom is tiny, but it has character and quirkiness just begging us, “try me.” And so, rooms they were painted, and furniture acquired. Before we knew it our wondering ways seemed all … Continue reading Goodbye Little House

Getting things done

Every person on the planet uses their rearview mirror to look back on life choices. As it turns out, it's a surprisingly effortless task to pick out the few decisions that -good or bad-altered your life course and trajectory. It is incredible to me that simple choices can forever impact your life and you just … Continue reading Getting things done

The Birth Story

Every labor and birth is different, just as every baby is different. I hear stories of some births and am completely mystified by how a woman could be standing in front me explaining her birth using phrases like "relatively easy." Excuse me? How does the earth not begin spinning backward when you put the words … Continue reading The Birth Story